“I have only been using this product for just over 10 days, but I can feel a definite difference in my anxiety. I am experiencing a feeling of decreased frenzy all round, which is having a super positive effect on my focus.

I am excited to see how I will feel once a month has passed. I will continue to use this product for sure.”


CBD for Depression, Stress & Anxiety

Studies are emerging on the effectiveness of CBD for depression and other mood disorders, showing that depression and anxiety CBD products can work effectively as part of a holistic treatment plan.

Just as CBD oil is starting to get acknowledgement in the mainstream as a highly effective remedy for a number of ills, it’s great to see that mental health is widely recognised as the most important type of health that there is.

As the saying goes: healthy mind, healthy body, and the reverse is also true.

Plant-powered products such as CBD for stress and mood disorders offer a natural way to deal with the often crippling effects of depression, social anxiety, generalised anxiety and various other mood issues. Thanks to their ability to calm the mind, promote better sleep, reduce pain, improve focus and increase energy, depression CBD products can work well within a treatment plan.

Using CBD for Depression & Anxiety

Because of CBD’s versatility and various forms of availability, there are a few judgement-free options to treat your crippling anxiety using the product. Some of the best ways to use CBD for depression, anxiety and other stress-related issues include the following:

1. Drops

CBD drops for depression offer a fast, easy way to get all the goodness of cannabinoids, directly into your bloodstream. Drops are placed underneath the tongue for fast absorption. They can also be added to smoothies and food or even to coffee for an extra kick in the mornings. CBD drops for anxiety and depression can be unflavoured or flavoured. Unflavoured drops are generally the best as there is no risk of added flavourants or harmful ingredients, instead giving you pure CBD in each drop. This will give you the full effects of the drops without having to worry about added toxins.

2. Edibles

Gummies might be relatively untapped in the South African market at this point, but they’re definitely a great option that takes the guesswork out of CBD dosing. Gummies are discreet and can be used in a multitude of environments without the risk of you getting odd looks. Gummies aren’t fast-acting, so they might not be appropriate during panic attacks or similarly acute situations.

3. Topicals

Although the biggest symptoms of most mood disorders are felt emotionally and mentally, many can also be felt physically. Topical products such as sprays and creams can help soothe joint and muscle pain associated with chronic depression.

In conclusion, CBD for depression is undeniably a hugely powerful remedy for mood disorders.

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