Just as CBD Oil is starting to get acknowledgement in the mainstream as a highly effective remedy for a number of ills, it’s great to see that mental health is widely recognized as the most important type of health that there is.

As the saying goes, healthy mind healthy body, and the reverse is also true.

Three ways to treat anxiety with CBD

Because of CBC’s versatility and various manifestations, there are a few judgement-free options to treat your crippling anxiety using the product.

1. CBD tinctures

Oral sprays are easy enough to drop under the tongue and are becoming increasingly popular. CBD is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream through mucous membranes.

2. Vaping

Vaping might have its own set of connotations to deal with, most of them borne out of internet culture and “we get it…you vape” memes, but vaping has become a global phenomenon for a reason. Not only does it help smokers wean themselves off nicotine, but vaporized CBD oil can be inhaled through a vape pen.

3. Edibles

Gummies might be relatively untapped in the South African market at this point, but they’re definitely a great option that takes the guesswork out of CBD dosing. Gummies are discreet and can be used in a multitutude of environments without the risk of you getting odd looks. Gummies aren’t fast-acting, so they might not be appropriate during panic attacks or similarly acute situations.

In conclusion, CBD is undeniably a hugely powerful remedy for anxiety. Just always be vigilant ands aware of the fact that the strength and purity of the ingredients can vary.