Professional athletes are throwing their support behind CBD as an alternative to opioids and NSAIDs – and for good reason. Boasting effective relief from pain and inflammation without the side-effects or risk of dependency, CBD delivers the same results without the drawbacks.

Reaching peak physical condition and achieving your fitness goals requires rigorous training. But, intense exercise does take its toll on your body. Post-workout pain is not uncommon and is often a symptom of inflammation, which is an important part of your body’s healing process. While inflammation is a sign of a healthy immune response, if left untreated it can cause injuries.

Many athletes rely on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to manage inflammation, but these come with a long list of side-effects and can wreak havoc on your gut health. CBD, however, boasts potent anti-inflammatory properties and is safe enough to use regularly. The power of this plant-based medicine lies in its ability to regulate our body’s inflammatory response by balancing the levels of anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory cytokines found in our immune cells. Unlike NSAIDs, CBD also helps to heal your gut and aid digestion, which is key to a healthy body and better athletic performance.

But, part of managing inflammation is managing the associated pain. Opioids are a popular choice because they offer immediate relief, but their sedative effect leaves you feeling drowsy the next day, which inevitably interferes with your training.

Of course, one of the bigger concerns with opioids is the risk of addiction, particularly among athletes not willing to take time out to recover from injury. There is growing evidence of an opioid crisis in the world of professional sports with many athletes using these drugs to perform through the pain. This only serves to put the body under further strain, which can lead to a build-up of scar tissue and more serious long-term problems. CBD is shown to carry little risk of dependency and is able to deliver a potent analgesic effect without sedating you.

Perhaps the biggest perk is that unlike NSAIDs and opioids, CBD doesn’t just address your immediate problems – inflammation and pain – it also helps to improve your overall wellbeing. Better sleep, improved digestion and sharper mental focus are just some of the added benefits.

So whether you’re a high-performance athlete or an amateur looking to take their training to the next level, CBD isn’t only a good choice for treating those expected aches and pains, but is also a valuable addition to your daily supplement routine.

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