Q&A On Vapes

Q: How do I use a vape?

A: Locate the open end of the vape and suck to inhale. You will know it is working by the fact that the other end lights up . When you breathe out, there should be a cloud of vapor that escapes your mouth.


Q: How long will a vape last?

A: Unfortunately we cannot give an exact estimate of how long your vape will last, as this will be entirely dependent on the length and depth of your inhalation, as well as how often you use it in a day. However, when trialling the product we did come to a rough estimate of 150 3-second puffs per vape. 


Q: How many puffs of a vape can I have a day?

A: If you go according to the South African legal recommended dosage of 20mg a day, this amounts to 24 puffs daily and a 12-day life span.


Q: What is the difference between Unwind and Uplift vape?

A: Both Uplift and Unwind contain two essential ingredients: CBD and MCT oil. The difference between them really just comes down to the addition of two different natural essences, and the terpenes each of these contains.

Terpenes are the aromatic molecules in plants that give them their unique smell and taste.

They influence the neurotransmitters in our brain in different ways, which explains why their presence can produce different effects on mood, ranging from soothing to energising.⁣

Terpenes are naturally found in cannabis, but additional terpenes – such as the natural essences added to our vapes – can be added to emphasise certain effects that the CBD would naturally have on its own.

Terpenes that have a profile of myrcene (like the Strawberries & Cream in our Calm pen) have a stress-relieving quality that will work synergistically with cannabinoids to produce a soothing, relaxing effect in the body.

On the other hand, terpene profiles of limonene (like the Lemon & Lime in our Uplift pen) will provide a more revitalising, energising effect.


Q: How does vaping work in the body?

A: Inhaled directly into the lungs, CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered directly to the brain – meaning the effects are felt sooner than with other methods of dosing


Q: What are the benefits of vaping?

A: First of all, it’s portable and discreet – a slim, small and lightweight pen that slips easily into your bag or pocket so that you can get your dose of CBD while on the go.

It’s also the fastest way to experience CBD as it is absorbed quickly into the body’s bloodstream, which means it has pretty much instantaneous effects.

Vape pens are also great in that they allow you to microdose CBD – giving you a way to consume small amounts of CBD at a time for a subtle, staggered experience.


Q: What ingredients do the vape contain?

A: Our vapes contain CBD isolate, MCT (coconut) oil and natural flavourings.


Q: Why are the vapes not refillable?

A: The reason we don’t allow for our vapes to be refilled is because we cannot guarantee the source and safety of other CBD oils.

In 2019 there was a very well publicised vape crisis in the USA, in which multiple deaths occurred due to harmful cutting agents like vitamin E acetate being mixed into cheap CBD mixtures.

As our names and branding are on the vapes, a lot of damage could be done if someone were to come to any harm as a result of filling theirs with a similarly mixed oil. Not to be mention we would just generally hate for anyone to come to any harm!

At the end of the day our goal is to try and showcase the benefits of cannabis, as well as to ensure that we provide our customers with top quality products and safe experiences.

However, as with all e-waste we absolutely encourage that you dispose of your vapes correctly by dropping them off at an e-waste collection site. You can find one near you by entering your address here: