CBD Oil 1000mg – 10ml

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Product Description

Our 10% is among the strongest and purest CBD oils available in South Africa. Made from the finest naturally grown hemp & blended with extra pure olive oil. africanpure® CBD oil 10% is our most concentrated CBD oil available.

It is the perfect choice for those wanting a regular, high-potency dose of the purest grade CBD oil for maximum effectiveness.

How to use:

2-3 drops twice per day – Directly on tongue or mixed in with warm (not boiling) beverage of choice.

africanpure® CBD product features:

  • Helps with arthritis reduces pain and swelling
  • Helps with Fibromyalgia
  • Helps with back and neck pain
  • Helps with Sleep, anxiety, PTSD
  • Helps with Epilepsy
  • Helps with Migraines and headaches.
  • 1000mg
  • 10ml

We’re africanpure®, and we’re passionate about healthy living and that’s why we’re excited about CBD oil, because when used it helps people with their physical, mental and emotional health, in a very profound way.

We’re not telling you that this is a miracle cure, we cant tell you that it will make your partner more attentive, that it will make any of your financial problems disappear or that your kids are going to be more appreciative or that if you have got an illness it will cure that, we cant say that.

However, what CBD does do is that it feeds your cannabinoid system. Your cannabinoid system is responsible for many things such as regulating your mood – things such as anxiety, depression, regulating your sleeping patterns, regulating pain sensations, balancing out your metabolism and enhancing your immune system.

The fantastic thing about CBD is that it is polypharmacological which means that it effects all of these pathways at the same time.

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Product Specifications

The world is learning about CBD more and more every day and we’re living it, experiencing it and using it in our lives and want to share this with you so that you too can sense that feeling of wellbeing that we get from using it.

CBD Oil is a perishable product and therefore should be kept in a cool place. We would advise keeping out of direct sunlight.

We are not allowed to give any health or medical advice on the nature of CBD. If you are interested then we highly recommend you to do your own research into the matter.


10ml amber glass bottle with dropper
Servings per container 200


Extra virgin olive oil, Organic hemp oil.

Lab report

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    • nickfrench007

      November 20, 2018 at 2:36 pm

      5 out of 5

      I have had trouble sleeping for years! Now I have less anxiety thinking about getting up early in the morning for a flight or for gym knowing I have my CBD oil in the fridge for my evening tea.


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