We at africanpure are incredibly excited to announce that we have become an official sponsor of Oscars Arc and Project Woof! The WOOF Project is the pop-up adoption initiative powered by Oscars Arc – a registered NPO with the aim of saving dogs’ lives by inspiring people to adopt them.

All dogs originate from existing shelters in Cape Town and surround, and the WOOF Project sets up meet-and-walk stations around the city every weekend to help give them the exposure they need to find their forever homes.

Going forward, every new pup parent will receive a bottle of africanpure Pets CBD drops as part of the adoption pack they take home. Plus it includes a nice discount on their first purchase with us too!

We are very proud to join some other great sponsors including:
Hills, Marltons & Paw Paw Insurance


Watch the video below to learn more about the initiative.

Visiting Oscar’s Arc is such an enriching and heart-warming experience. If you aren’t able to get down to their main adoption center during the week, you can see a list of locations they’ll be at for the next few weeks by visiting their website and viewing their schedule.

Some images from the Oscar’s Arc project