Meet KEVIN FRASER, africanpure’s new brand ambassador!

One way to bring some positivity to a pandemic is through comedy and if you’re in need of a good laugh, just Google Kevin Fraser. The South African-born, Australian based comedian is winning over audiences around the world with his side-splitting comedy and hilarious alter-egos. Now, finding himself stuck in lockdown in SA after his ‘Drop The Pressure’ tour was postponed, Kevin has taken on a new gig as brand ambassador for africanpure. We caught up with Kevin (virtually, of course) to find out a bit more about the partnership and how he’s handling the ‘new normal’.

How did you discover CBD?
A friend of mine recommended I try a CBD topical cream for my knee pain and it helped instantly.

What is it about africanpure that drew you to the brand?
I really liked the look and feel to be honest. Once that got me interested, I tried a few of the products in the range and have been using them ever since.

Now that you’re an africanpure brand ambassador, what do you hope to share with your fans when it comes to CBD?
Definitely that CBD is something you can use routinely without overdoing it. From stress and anxiety to muscular pain, the benefits are instantly felt.

What are some of the africanpure products we’d find in your CBD toolkit?
The Everyday drops and both the Unwind and Uplift Vapes.

When you’re not on stage performing, you love to run. Which CBD products do you use most often to help with your recovery?
Definitely the pain cream!

Your father was a Comrades legend – was it his passion for the sport that sparked your interest in it?
I think so. Seeing how much he achieved has been inspiring to say the least. As I have gotten older, I have felt I may have a genetic predisposition to running, so it would be a catastrophe to ignore that!

He suffered from Motor Neuron Disease – would you say this piqued your interest in CBD and natural medicine?
Not initially, no. But I have witnessed the many side effects of mainstream medicine and that is why I tend to favour holistic medicine.

There are a lot of misperceptions about CBD – what are some of the most common you’ve come across?
That you’re going to experience a cannabis high and end up on cloud nine. It’s just not true!

You were in SA when the country went into lockdown. Have there been any perks of being ‘stranded’ in South Africa?
The heavy lockdown regulations have been quite an adjustment, but I have been able to work closely with some incredible brands as we navigate these uncertain waters.

Would you say one of the upsides of this pandemic is that it’s given you a lot of material to create great comedy?
I think so. I would also go so far as to say that people may even appreciate the entertainment industry even more now. As performers, we work hard to bring love and light to the people, and I think that’s even more evident now.

You’ve been doing some ‘recovidery’ online shows – what has the feedback been from fans?
Nothing can replace a live performance – let’s just be clear on that! But my online Comedy Series has been well received and I’m planning on doing a live-stream show in the next couple of months too so watch this space.

Not being able to perform live has obviously impacted you on a professional level, but what are some of the ways this Covid-19 pandemic has impacted you on a personal level?
This time has been particularly challenging because I am so used to travelling everywhere and now all of a sudden I am in a routine! While that has actually been quite refreshing, I’d say the biggest toll has been not being able to see my family.

You’re described as an ‘action comedian’ – what does this really mean?
I don’t stick to traditional stand-up I guess. I fuse music into my performances, dance around the stage and get really physical, which is how the term ‘action comedian’ was coined.

Comedy style aside, if you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Witty, satirical, cheeky.

For fans who had booked to see you on your 2020 tour, are you hopeful you’ll be able to continue with live shows later this year?
Isn’t that the big question? Holding both thumbs that this can happen, but if not, I will gladly kiss 2020 goodbye and we can try again in 2021. It’s been a year for all of us already hasn’t it!

Yes, 2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least, but it’s also allowed for some great reflection. Have you set any 2021 goals or resolutions?
I think it has been a great year for reflection. Hopefully for all. Some drastic changes are needed by us as a society, and I think 2020 has truly rocked the boat. It has made us stronger, more resilient and certainly more aware. My goal in 2021 is to continue to develop my voice in comedy around the world and ignite change in the communities that need it most.

Watch Kevin’s hilarious take on CBD