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How CBD changed a life

I’ve found the one, I found our dog! You’ve got to meet him…

My wife Sam and I had for the longest time vacillated over a doggo addition to our family.

It had to be small and easy to manage, as we’re active and busy and not always at home. It had to be hypoallergenic due to Sam’s lifelong affliction of allergies. Most of all, this dog needed to be a breed that enjoyed being active and outdoors, and could go for a run!

We landed up with this guy…

Underweight and scared. Yoda on the first day of his new adventure…

Malnourished and underweight, sad and anxious, broken and mangled, carrying a severe injury on his back legs and lower spine. He didn’t really meet our criteria, but something about those eyes though told a story of a lifetime in less than a heartbeat – we had to know his story.

The WOOF project from Oscar’s Arc must be one of the most compelling brand stories to hit main stream attention in recent times.

The concept is simple and the message clear – don’t try to get your audience to crummy, disease ridden, depressing kennels and shelters. Get these cute-as-hell balls of fluff and love to places that people frequent and spend time in a positive mindset. Think Sea Point promenade, Constantia Village, Melrose Arch. The volunteers are exceptionally friendly, passionate and helpful, and the sign up process could not be easier.

There is no skirting the obvious facts, the target audience is a higher LSM. This is a ‘customer’ base where these dogs in need may be adopted more impulsively than other potential adopters who would likely ‘um’ and ‘ah’ whilst faced with the financial implications that adopting a rescue dog always presents (as we learnt very quickly).

I won’t go too deep into Oscar’s Arc, you can read more about them on their website or their Facebook page. And make sure you read about Oscar himself, the doggo that inspired this all!

Back to Yoda…

Our new ‘Funky Terrier’ first came home with us on Sunday 31 March 2019 for a ‘trial run’, and the concern around allergies was a legitimate one as we soon found out – Yoda was far from hypoallergenic.

The team at WOOF suggested this week-long trial, which seems to be fairly common to determine if a dog is a good fit. But after three days we had fallen so deeply in love there was no way this guy was going back.

Yoda’s calm demeanour and subtle quirks soon turned to concern when we realised how anxious he was and the immediate dependency that was building, albeit a prior lack of trust in humans.

We contacted the excellent team at Twin Oaks vet, who bubbled Yoda’s case up to the orthopeadic team at Panorama Vet Clinic to determine how to deal with his legs. What was uncovered was that he had been in a severe car accident, and had never had corrective surgery to address the injury. At such an advanced stage it was deemed futile to operate, and this was just to be ‘his lot in life’.

X-ray showing Yoda’s mangled pelvis and damaged spine. He is also unable to straighten his left leg

Yoda was scraping through, but in chronic pain due to his smashed pelvis, his permanently dislocated hip and his damaged spine. This had also led to digestive tract issues – a mix of periodic constipation juxtaposed with severe diarrhea and really just a pretty bad time overall.

To top it all off, somewhere along the line he was completely neglected before he was picked up off the streets and spent close to 12 months in a shelter before Oscar’s Arc came to the rescue.

I’m no canine physiology expert but I don’t think that’s where a back leg is meant to go

Enter: CBD for pets…

Upon consultation with our vet, the question was brought up about CBD. Being very progressive and open to various forms of treatment, the answer was an overwhelming ‘Yes, but…’

  • Make sure you know where it comes from
  • Make sure it contains absolutely no THC
  • Check your lab reports and make sure no heavy metals or solvents are present
  • Start small and see how he reacts before building up the dose

The impact of CBD on Yoda’s life could not have been more significant

Within 4 days of adding a few drops of oil to his raw food we noticed a change in the way he walked. There was less dragging of his back leg and after about a week he was able to jump onto the couch for the first time unaided.

The next major change we noticed was more of an interest to go outdoors and interact with other dogs. Whilst he is still rather anxious with dogs (big and small) there has definitely been a significant improvement.

One could argue that these changes would occur naturally over time and I would agree 100%. However, there have been two occasions where our supply of Pets CBD has run out and within 48 hours we have seen a regression to the dog we first met. Tired, depressed, no desire for activity and loss of appetite. We now make sure to never skip a dose.

What we learnt about CBD for our dog

  • CBD is not a miracle cure all. It is a supplement that can vastly improve certain conditions – in Yoda’s case, pain and anxiety
  • CBD should be used in conjunction with an excellent raw food diet and tons of love!
  • The consistency of appetite has been one of the most significant changes. Yoda has gone from 17kg to 21kg in the space of 5 months – that’s a whopping 24% increase in weight
  • As ‘warned’ by the team at Twin Oaks, this guy came out of his shell as his anxiety decreased
  • Training and discipline increased immensely with the use of CBD

CBD helped Yoda to focus and he quickly learnt his first basic ‘sit’ and ‘down’ commands

In six months, Yoda has progressed from a broken soul to a disciplined, fiercely protective and loving watch dog. Last weekend he blasted through a 7km single track trail run including 400m elevation on table mountain – a stark contrast to the dog that once couldn’t even jump onto a couch.

If you’re interested in finding out more about CBD for your pets, please visit our Pets CBD page or leave a question in the comments section below.

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