Cooking with CBD

If there’s one ingredient that took the world by storm in 2018, it was definitely CBD. And it’s safe to say that CBD will become even more popular in 2019.

Cooking can modify foods and supplements significantly more than we initially expect so we’ve scoured the internet to compile a list of things to note when cooking with CBD.

  1. Don’t place CBD oil over direct heat. While warming the oil may increase its effectiveness, heating the oil too high can cause it to loose terpenes, volatile compounds that work in tandem with the CBD to increase the medical potency. Also, more importantly, it tastes absolutely foul.
  2. Sauces and garnishes are the way to go when you’re cooking with CBD oil. (But to make sure you’re getting your full daily allowance, just make sure to eat all your sauce.
  3. If you’re sensitive to flavour and want to incorporate the product into something more delicate, stick to a filtered extraction – Our MCT or Olive oil based CBD oils are perfect as they have little to no flavour of their own.
  4. Mixing the oil into another ingredient is a better option for flavour’s sake, but simply drizzling it on top of a soup, stew, or curry works in a pinch.
  5. First try CBD at night, since it can make some people sleepy.

Have you ever had or tried cooking with CBD? Tell us about your experience with CBD in food in the comments section below.

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