Col’Cacchio and africanpure launch first Cannabis pizza in SA

Today marks a momentous occasion in the evolution of the Cannabis industry in South Africa.

In collaboration with africanpure, Col’Cacchio has launched two new items on their menu that will come served with africanpure CBD oil.

africanpure, along with the team at Col’Cacchio worked to develop a specialized product, Everyday CBD mist. The CBD mist comes in pharmaceutical grade packaging and is sprayed onto pizzas immediately after cooking takes place. Through this simple mechanism we are able to achieve the accurate dosage requirements of 20mg per serving.

Diners can also add extra CBD to any dish of their choice, over and above the two new pizzas who’s recipes were designed specifically for the inclusion of the CBD oil.

The pizzas in question are: “The Green Goddess” and “The not so plain Mary Jane”. You can find out more about the pizzas on the Col’Cacchio website.

So, what about the CBD oil?

We have enhanced our range by including a broad-spectrum hemp extract for this project, over and above our pure CBD range. This collaboration with Col’Cacchio gave us an opportunity to work with some of the best labs and farms around the world and devise a CBD product and mechanism of delivery that would suit the team at Col’Cacchio and their diners alike.

We felt that at least for now, innovation and quality should be top priority thus helping to ensure both africanpure and Col’Cacchio continue to set the bar in each of the respective markets. As the burgeoning Cannabis industry is so new in South Africa, no suitable suppliers could be sourced who could meet the quantity and quality demand that we have set. Whilst it’s not 100% true to our African roots we resorted to importing broad-spectrum hemp oil rich in CBD from Switzerland.

We have taken great care to make sure we can trace the source of the product from seed to your plate in your favourite restaurant and provide you with the peace of mind that only the best possible ingredients are placed in front of you in Col’Cacchio restaurants.

Have a look through the links below to find out more. We encourage and feedback or questions through our social media platforms – facebook: @africanpureCBD and Instagram: @africanpurecbd

Hemp handlers licence  |  100% Certified organic  |  EU Lab test results  |  Random sample test results

If you would like to know more about the collaboration and launch of this innovative idea, read the press release here.