Pure CBD Oils

Offering a carefully selected range of CBD oils for adults and pets, africanpure oils are made from the highest quality ingredients. All of our CBD oil is made from organic, pure cannabinoids that are free of pesticides, additives and psychoactive ingredients. Our oils are independently tested according to stringent international standards, giving you full peace of mind that you can always trust.

Our range of africanpure CBD-infused oils was designed to enhance your health and well-being. There are four oils within our signature range, each offering unique benefits. Oils are unflavoured, making them easy to use within food or drinks. Add a drop or two directly under your tongue for fast absorption or drop over smoothies, salads or even coffee for a natural kick-start to your day. To make it as easy as possible to shop CBD oil online, our website is user-friendly with a number of features that will make shopping even simpler.

Buy premium CBD Oil online

With so many CBD oils on the market today, how do you know which is the best oil for you? At africanpure, we know that the beginning of the CBD journey can be a little confusing. With that in mind, we aim to make it easier to find the right oil to suit your lifestyle and needs, with helpful information guides and a range of unflavoured CBD oils.

Our most popular oil is our Everyday CBD oils 1000mg strength. This oil is a great choice if you are looking for a daily supplement powered by hemp. A few drops of this oil each day will have you feeling your best in no time, with a natural energy boost and all-round immune system recharge. If you have an active lifestyle, our Active CBD in 800mg strength will give you a pre-workout dose of energy to help you perform at your best. The Plus CBD in 1500mg is ideally suited to those dealing with illness or weakened immune systems, helping to provide natural healing through the power of hemp.

Our range includes a premium collection of unflavoured CBD oil, made from organically grown hemp-derived cannabinoids. One of the biggest advantages to unflavoured, plain CBD oils is that they can easily be mixed into food or beverages without any clashing of flavours, making it easier to get your daily dose. The natural taste of CBD is subtle, making it easy to take directly or mixed into your morning smoothie for a dose of added goodness. You can even add to coffee for a powerful morning pick-me-up.

Shop our current range of CBD oil online available at africanpure and experience the power of CBD oil for yourself.