pure cbd oil for pets

Shop CBD oil for pets online, and give the furry members of your family all the healthy goodness of cannabinoids. At africanpure, we offer pure CBD oil for pets that has been made especially for animals. That means no added ingredients, no artificial flavourings, no nasty additives and no hidden chemicals.

CBD oil for dogs and cats can be unflavoured or flavoured. Whichever type of oil you choose for your pet, adding oil to your pet’s diet is simple. Add a drop or few to your pet’s food or water, or try adding to a treat such as peanut butter if your pet is a fussy eater. As the drops do not have a strong flavour, most pets will not even notice a difference to their daily meals if drops are added to food. To get the full benefit of CBD, it is essential to look for the best quality CBD oil for pets online rather than choosing products that may contain harmful ingredients or additives.

buy premium cbd oil for pets online

The africanpure Pets CBD in 300mg strength is our signature oil that was designed to meet the daily needs of dogs, cats and other domestic pets. This pure CBD oil for pets is unflavoured and made according to the highest global quality standards, with independent lab testing to further ensure the purest quality oil. Pure hemp-derived cannabinoids are used, with only the tiniest traces of THC. This means no risk of your pet having any psychoactive reaction to the drops.

We also have a range of Select CBD oil for pets. Flavours in this range include peanut butter, chicken, salmon, bacon and unflavoured. The Select pet CBD drops have a strength of 750mg. Only natural flavourings are used, along with fractionated coconut oil.

One of the questions that we are often asked is, “How much CBD oil should I give my dog?” CBD for dogs and other pets should always be made specifically for animals with a lower strength that gives all the benefits of CBD without any risk of overdose. Giving your pet drops made for humans can be very dangerous, as the strength is a lot higher than that intended for smaller creatures. It is also always best to read the recommended dosage for your pet’s size and breed. A smaller dog or cat would need a different daily dose than a larger dog, for example. To start your pet on CBD, we suggest trying a lower dosage and then increasing the dose once you have seen how your pet reacts.

Make sure that you always buy CBD oil for pets online from suppliers who support lab testing and certification, as well as international quality standards. When you try and cut costs and buy CBD oil for pets online from any supplier without having any type of quality assurance, you could put your pet’s health and well-being at risk. Buying from trusted sources will give you full peace of mind knowing that you are getting safe, quality CBD oil for pets online.

Pets CBD Oil 300mg – 30ml

R295.00 available on subscription from R221.25 / month

Pets Plus CBD Oil 600mg – 30ml

R545.00 available on subscription from R408.75 / month