“Was recommended by a child psychologist to give cbd to my 4 year old to help cope with anxiety and sensory issue’s. Falls asleep much faster, within 10 minutes these days, and much calmer less emotional during the day. Big difference in shops, less anxious.. Good quality product, great speedy service! Ordered in the morning was delivered same day.”


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With a specially formulated CBD oil for kids, africanpure helps your child get the benefit of hemp in a natural supplement designed for daily use. Just as it helps adults and even pets, CBD for kids has been proven to help promote well-being. Many studies have been done showing the effect that CBD can have on childhood disorders, including seizures, attention disorders and mood issues.

CBD oil is rich in cannabinoids, which work with the body’s naturally-produced endocannabinoids. While studies are still emerging, those that have been done to date have shown a definite correlation between CBD oil for kids and the calming of seizures, improvement of attention and focus, reduction of anxiety, lifting of depression and improvement of other childhood issues. CBD oil benefits for kids will continue to be recognised as CBD becomes more accessible. A good daily use CBD supplement is a great way to give your child the healing powers of hemp.

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Why should you consider CBD oil for kids? As awareness of the many advantages offered by CBD rapidly grows, more CBD-infused products continue to appear on the market. Parents can easily feel overwhelmed not only by the huge choice of products that are currently available but also on how to choose a product that will genuinely make a difference. CBD for kids with ADD and other attention disorders can help by providing your child with a better level of focus, improving attention spans and making it easier to sit calmly. This is due to the calming effects that cannabinoids produce in the brain. It is the same effect that makes CBD for kids with anxiety very effective. By calming the mind and promoting a sense of relaxation, anxiety and stress become far easier to deal with for kids and, as a result, parents too.

Is CBD oil safe for kids? This question is asked by many concerned parents. Essentially, CBD kids products are formulated a bit differently to adult products. The strength of the CBD compound is lower in a child supplement, to ensure that the full goodness of CBD can be enjoyed safely.

Our Junior CBD oil contains 300mg of cannabinoids in a 30ml bottle. Dosage is recommended on the bottle to help you safely administer the drops. Drops can be added to food or taken directly under the tongue. No flavourings are added to the oil. If your child battles to take any type of medication or supplement, you could try adding a drop or two to a favourite drink or food dish. The taste of the food or drink will soon overpower the very mild taste of the CBD kids drops.

Adding CBD to your child’s daily routine can be an effective way to navigate the many stressful conditions faced by children. Browse our CBD for kids to find premium quality, lab-tested products that are made according to the highest global standards. You will see how much difference CBD oil for kids can make to your family.

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