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With a range of CBD drops designed to meet the needs of adults and pets, africanpure specialises in premium-quality CBD. Our range of drops was crafted according to the highest international standards, giving you the benefit of products you can always trust. From our carefully crafted unflavoured CBD drops for adults, available in three formulas that meet their needs in today’s busy world and our drops for pets, the africanpure collection is made from pure-grade hemp-derived cannabinoids. That means only negligible traces of THC and no risk of any psychoactive effects.

The africanpure CBD drop collection brings you all of the goodness of the hemp plant, in an easy to use bottle. Each bottle has a dropper to allow for accurate dosing. Drops can be placed under the tongue for fast absorption or they can be placed over food and drinks. Our in-house range includes unflavoured CBD drops.

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Our CBD drops are available in various doses to meet your specific health and lifestyle needs. One of our most popular products is our Everyday CBD drops 1000mg that provide the perfect boost for daily energy and well-being. If you need an added boost, the Plus CBD drop in 1500mg strength is ideal for illness recovery and additional healing. Our Active CBD in 800mg dosage is perfect for post-workout recharging, making it ideal for those who live life on the go.

Our Pets CBD comes in 600mg strength and is suitable for large and small breeds of dogs and cats.

Choosing the drops that are best suited to your needs can be confusing if you are new to CBD. The best way to find the drops that work for you is to start with a good quality drop that has a high enough strength to provide the full benefit of cannabinoids. Start with a few drops each day and then slowly increase your intake, while regularly monitoring how you feel. The Everyday CBD drops 1000mg are a good choice for those who are new to CBD. You can then increase your daily dose or look for higher strength CBD drops online in our collection.

Cannabinoid drops have become one of the simplest ways to get all of the benefits of CBD quickly and easily. Drops are absorbed through the mouth, entering your system and releasing the goodness of hemp to the body.

Unflavoured drops are easy to take either directly or added to food and drinks. A drop or two in a smoothie will give you all of the power of CBD to start your day off on the right note. You could even try adding your CBD drops to your morning coffee if you’re in need of extra energy for the day ahead.

Pets CBD Oil 300mg – 30ml

R206.50 available on subscription from R221.25 / month

Pets Plus CBD Oil 600mg – 30ml

R381.50 available on subscription from R408.75 / month

CBD Pet Treat: Joint and Muscle 60mg – 150g

R206.50 available on subscription from R221.25 / month

Balance CBD Oil 600mg – 30ml

R416.50 available on subscription from R446.25 / month

Active CBD Oil 600mg – 30ml

R381.50 available on subscription from R408.75 / month

Discover CBD Oil 450mg – 30ml

R311.50 available on subscription from R333.75 / month

Ease CBD Oil 300mg – 30ml


Everyday CBD Gel Capsules 600mg

R402.50 available on subscription from R431.25 / month

Uplift CBD Vape – 250mg


Unwind CBD Vape – 250mg CBD