Choosing The Right CBD Product

We offer you a variety of different delivery method options when it comes to getting your daily dose of CBD. 

So how do you know which one is right for you and the health concerns you are looking to address? We take a look at all the options to help you decide.

CBD Drops

CBD drops (also known as CBD oil) are the most commonly used method of dosing CBD. They are usually placed under the tongue to be absorbed quickly and directly by the sublingual glands, or mixed into a cold food or beverage.

CBD oil drops are a great option for creating a daily ritual around taking CBD.

They are also the best solution for providing sustained relief from the concerns and conditions you would be looking to treat, as after 10-14 days of absorption the cannabinoids start to fully revitalise your endocannabinoid system (ECS) and rebalance the various systems and processes in the body.


CBD capsules are very similar to our CBD drops in the manner of how they are taken and absorbed by the body, but with the additional benefit that they are able to provide a precisely measured dose of CBD, containing 20mg per capsule.

CBD capsules are also an ideal option for those who already take daily medications or multivitamins, as they can easily be consumed alongside these simply by adding another capsule to your weekly pill box or medicine cabinet line up.


CBD vapes offer an entirely different method of CBD delivery, making them particularly useful for treating a unique set of health and wellness issues. We currently do not stock CBD vapes, but can recommend the Goodleaf CBD vape.

When inhaled, CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and the brain, which means its effects can be felt almost instantaneously. This makes vapes an ideal solution for treating concerns such as situational or social anxiety and tension headaches, which can arise suddenly and without warning. 

CBD pens are discreet and portable, meaning they can be easily carried around with you while on-the-go and can be on hand to provide help as and when it is required.

However, the effects of vaping CBD are also short lived and therefore are not the recommended solution for treating chronic conditions and acute concerns.