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CBD For Your Pet’s Anxiety

It’s not just us humans who are suffering from the anxiety and restlessness of being cooped up indoors during the COVID-19 lockdown.

As we all do our part to stay at home and help flatten the curve of the virus’s spreading, pet owners are no longer allowed to take their dogs for walks – not to the park, not on mountain trails, not even around the block.

This is pretty bad news if you’re a medium to large breed dog with a small garden/no garden at all, or even a small dog with a lot of energy that lives for its daily stroll around the neighbourhood.

Just like people, for animals the inability to be in nature or to get the exercise they need can lead to feelings of great frustration, anxiety and even depression.

Luckily, CBD can help. Many pet owners around the world have already turned to CBD to help calm down their furry companions, whether their distress is due to behavioural problems, hyperactivity, travel, separation anxiety or fireworks.

Dogs and cats have endocannabinoid (ECS) systems, just like their owners, and they process CBD in the same, non-intoxicating way. And not only does CBD have the same benefits for the overall health and wellness of two-legged or four-legged bodies, but it has been shown in studies to have effects on animals similar to those of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications for humans.

In one animal study, CBD was found to have a significant effect on a certain neurological circuit in the brain considered a “stress-anxiety superhighway”. This path connects the instinctive “flight or fight” response of the amygdala with the internal, purposeful mental action of the frontal cortex.

CBD was found to help weaken this brain connection between our naturally occurring anxieties, and how we allow them to manifest in the brain – resulting in reduced levels of anxiety.

Further studies and scientific trials are still being undertaken to understand more about the how of CBD working to reduce anxiety, but for now these promising findings, as well as a wealth of anecdotal evidence, is quickly starting to affirm belief in the fact that it does.

Reports from owners who have given our Pets drops their animals, such as this one from Lizel Jardim, are especially  encouraging :

“I have a male Labrador that was diagnosed with anxiety by a veterinary behaviourist. He was put on a variety of medications, with little to no success. As a last resort we decided to try CBD oil and we are so happy we did! He is such a happy and content dog now and such a pleasure to have at home. None of his awesome personality has changed – the oil has just taken the “edge’ off and he is a happier dog. So glad we made the decision!”

So if your pet is going a bit stir crazy and you’re struggling to keep them content under confinement, now might be the time to try them on CBD.

It won’t give them the exercise they truly need, but for now they might give you a break from those desperate “W-A-L-K me” puppy eyes – and help your poor pet to cope with their uncomfortable newfound restlessness.


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