Pets CBD Oil 300mg – 30ml

R295.00 available on subscription from R221.25 / month

Pets Plus CBD Oil 600mg – 30ml

R545.00 available on subscription from R408.75 / month

Thank you for your product. My cat who was on the verge of death has done a complete 360!! Im so glad i decided to contacted you and use the cannabis oil. You have given me time with my baby boy. He can eat and do normal cat things again and his in no more pain. While ive been told its confirmed cancer i def can see his improved in just a few weeks. I hope in time the cannabis can possibly shrink it(growth) or at least by me time to get the funds to have it surgically removed. Two weeks ago i was planning where to put him down while today i can’t keep up with his food intake (ive had to buy more tins of food). So thank you very much!! ??

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The africanpure store is where you can shop a carefully curated selection of high-quality CBD oil for pets online. Providing a wide range of benefits, the power of CBD continues to be discovered as more studies are done. For pets, and especially dogs who are dealing with health issues such as seizures, anxiety, stress, nausea, pain, gastrointestinal issues, and even the symptoms of cancer and other long-term illness, CBD offers a wide range of healing properties.

To ensure that your furry friend gets the full benefit of cannabinoids, it is essential to choose pure CBD oil for pets. Good quality oils will only ever contain CBD, natural, safe flavourings and a mixer oil such as fractionated coconut oil for easier consumption. You should never have to worry about high traces of THC – the compound responsible for the cannabis high. When shopping CBD for dogs online, always make sure that you look for trusted brands that have been clinically tested, with no harmful additives or ingredients.

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At africanpure, you will find our own specially formulated unflavoured Pets CBD drops that can be added to your dog or cat’s food. Each 30ml bottle contains pure CBD in 300mg strength, with around 600 drops in each bottle. Our drops have been independently tested to ensure the highest quality.

Along with our own brand, we also offer a range of Select CBD oil for pets online. This range includes unflavoured drops as well as flavoured drops in assorted flavours – peanut butter, salmon, chicken, and bacon. Each bottle contains 750mg strength drops with natural flavouring and fractionated coconut oil.

To make sure that your cat or dog gets the full benefit of CBD, always read dosage instructions carefully. It is essential to only choose oils made especially for pets when looking for CBD oil for dogs online. Using oils made for humans can be dangerous for your pet’s health as the strength is often far higher than it would be in oils made for pets. It is also always important to look for trusted products that have been carefully tested according to international standards. Additives, chemicals and other harmful ingredients added to sub-quality drops can end up putting your pet’s health at risk.

Not sure how to get started? We have plenty of resources to help you start your pet on CBD safely. Our uses of CBD section includes a helpful guide that outlines the benefits of CBD for pets. This guide answers many common questions in a way that is easy to understand. We also have a helpful product comparison feature that allows you to compare CBD oils for pets. You can use our wishlist to add products and come back later to complete your purchase. Our team of CBD experts are always here to help with any questions you may have.

Once you’re ready to browse pure CBD oil for pets, shopping is as easy as could be. View our full range of CBD oil for pets online to get started.