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View our full collection of CBD oil to find a range of products that are tailored to your lifestyle and needs. The africanpure collection includes carefully crafted pure CBD oil drops that have been independently tested according to the highest international quality standards. Our range caters to adults and children, with each oil designed to meet specific needs. All oils in our range come with our quality assurance, giving you full peace of mind that you will never have to worry about harmful additives, chemicals or artificial ingredients. Instead, you can enjoy the purest quality oils, made the way nature intended.

Catering to those who are newly started on their CBD journey as well as those who already have experience in using hemp-derived products for health and wellness, africanpure CBD oil contains the highest quality cannabinoids. As our oils are derived from the hemp plant, there is no chance of getting high. Only the most microscopic traces of THC – the compound that creates the high – are found. Our pure CBD oil drops contain fractionated coconut oil for easier absorption. Drops can be taken as is under the tongue or added to food and drink.

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Finding the right CBD oil to suit your needs can be daunting – especially if you are new to CBD. With a number of products on the market, knowing which is the best oil for you is not always easy. At africanpure, we offer a carefully designed range that meets the needs of adults and children.

For daily health, we have the Everyday oil that is available in 1000mg strength. This oil will give you all of the healing, soothing benefits of CBD in a dosage that promotes optimal health. For those living life on the move, the Active oil in 800mg strength is ideal for post-workout recovery as well as pre-workout energy boosts. This oil can be added to shakes and smoothies for added energy. For those needing an added dose of healing power, the Plus oil in 1500mg strength provides more goodness for pain, chronic illness, stress, and overall well-being. The Junior oil in 600mg strength is specially formulated for children, helping to treat anxiety, stress, seizures, mood disorders, and other childhood conditions.

To make it easier to buy pure CBD online, our online store is simple to use with a range of features to help you choose the product that is best suited to your needs. Our filters allow you to shop by price, tincture size or rating. Add products to a wishlist to complete your purchase later or use the comparison tool to compare products. We offer free delivery on all products for added convenience.

Browse our full range of products for people to find the oil that best suits your needs. If you have any questions, our team is standing by to assist in any way we can. You can also use our helpful guides to learn more about CBD oil before you shop online at africanpure.