“Was recommended by a child psychologist to give cbd to my 4 year old to help cope with anxiety and sensory issue’s. Falls asleep much faster, within 10 minutes these days, and much calmer less emotional during the day. Big difference in shops, less anxious.. Good quality product, great speedy service! Ordered in the morning was delivered same day.”


Whether emotional or physical, problems that present in childhood can cause endless worry for parents. While there are myriad medications on the market to treat a range of issues, these don’t always yield results and can have short- and long-term side-effects. Many parents are now exploring natural treatments and CBD is topping the list as a safe and effective choice.

While research is limited, there is growing evidence that points to cannabidiol as a promising remedy for managing a number of childhood conditions from anxiety to autism. It may not be the cure-all you’re looking for, but it is a valuable addition to any treatment toolkit.


Not uncommon, anxiety in children can present in many different ways, from night terrors and bedwetting to behavioural changes. As with adults, there are a number of over-the-counter medications available for children battling with anxiety, but these are not always effective and can come with a range of side-effects. CBD helps to alleviate anxiety by promoting relaxation, improving mental focus, boosting energy levels and assisting with better sleep.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is becoming a more common diagnosis in younger generations. Many of those diagnosed with ADHD are prescribed stimulants but these come with a range of side-effects from headaches and sleep problems to mood swings. Anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD is a promising alternative, not necessarily as a treatment for ADHD itself but for the associated symptoms.


A neurological condition that impacts a child’s social skills and development, autism presents on a spectrum from mild to severe. While the cause of autism is not known, there are a number of ways to help improve and manage the symptoms – and CBD is fast becoming one of the most popular.


There are a number of different types of epilepsy and seizure syndromes that present in childhood and while there are antiepileptic medications available, these can lead to nausea and dizziness. CBD is offering parents new hope as a natural and safe treatment that is showing promise in managing seizures in children, particularly those with treatment-resistant epilepsy.

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