New to CBD? We’ve put together a list of some helpful terms and definitions to help you better understand this miracle chemical and make sure you get the best product and use.

1. Concentration

CBD oil is similar to other products in that it is not sold as a 100% pure product.

You could compare CBD oil to an beverage where CBD is often represented as a percentage of the total volume similar to how alcohol is sold.

If the concentration of CBD is not listed, use the following formula to help guide your purchase:

  • Total amount of CBD (in mg)/volume of container (in ml) = concentration level
  • Example: 1000mg CBD/10ml bottle = 100mg/ml.

2. Dosage

How much CBD oil should I take? A question we get asked a lot – If ever in doubt:

CBD Oil Dosing – “Start Low and Go Slow”

General rule of thumb – There are approximately 20 drops per ml – 1 dropper equals 1ml

Everyone’s Body reacts differently depending on the condition you are looking for relief from.

Unfortunately, the way our products are sold in accordance to South African legislation, our dosage guidelines must adhere to the maximum recommended daily dosage of 20mg CBD. This is very conservative by international standards with most countries recommending around 50mg CBD per day or more.

3. How long will my CBD last?

Working on a maximum daily dose of 20mg, you can take the total amount of CBD milligrams and divide by 20 to get the number of days the tincture will last you.