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5 Common Benefits of CBD

We’re only just beginning to discover the incredible benefits of CBD, and the myriad of conditions and ailments it can help to improve.

But there are a few things that have emerged as being especially receptive and revolutionised through sustained use of CBD oil


The daily grind, with all of its responsibilities and obligations to work and family, can leave a person feeling continuously overwhelmed and stressed as they move through their lives. Regular users of CBD have reported a much calmer, more balanced and focused state of mind with less tension held in the body and noise buzzing in the brain.

Those suffering in the wake of trauma stand to benefit from CBD in a similar way. The feelings of anxiety and depression that so often accompany those afflicted by PTSD can be alleviated through continuous intake, and research has also shown a reduction in the intensity and frequency of nightmares so often experienced by these patients.

Anyone struggling with sleep issues or insomnia, in general, is a great candidate for CBD. The compound provides the body and mind with a feeling of relaxation and release throughout the day, helping to ease those who need it into a state that is more receptive to a good night’s rest.


CBD is an effective tool for the management of general, acute and chronic pain in the body. Those contending with serious conditions like cancer, neuropathic disorders, and fibromyalgia are often in a lot of discomfort from the symptoms and treatments they have to endure, and case studies have shown CBD can assist with abating this pain.

Milder muscular and joint pain or pain from headaches and migraines can also be relieved with CBD. This has been a particularly significant discovery in light of the opioid crisis, with CBD providing a far more natural, non-addictive means to easing patients suffering from ongoing pain.

Researchers believe that it works is by CBD interacting with the CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors in your brain and immune system to suppress the sensation of pain by signalling a pain-relieving effect to the cells in the body.


These receptors also receive signalling for an anti-inflammatory effect, which means that CBD can be useful for treating everything from sunburn to a sprained ankle, Chron’s disease to eczema and psoriasis. 

CBD can be consumed orally to treat inflammatory issues, or applied topically in creams or serums for targeted relief. This makes it a popular ingredient in skincare ranges, and it can be used for rosacea and acne treatments for targeting redness.


One of CBD’s most popular uses amongst older individuals is as a treatment for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and joint pain. These conditions can prove to be debilitating, and severely limit the ability for movement and activity.

Sustained use of CBD can ease pain in joints and reduce swelling in the affected areas by regulating the body’s response to pain signals. This helps to decrease the pace of damage to the tissue and cartilage in the area and provides greater mobility for sufferers.


One of CBD’s most famous cases of success centres around the story of Charlotte Figi, a child suffering from seizures since the age of three months old. Diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy, the seizures became so severe that her cognitive development was impaired as a result.

After sourcing a high CBD, low THC strain of cannabis and getting a friend to extract the oil, Charlotte’s parents tried her on the extract. Astonishingly, it immediately helped reduce her 300 seizures a week to 0 seizures. Subsequent studies on CBD and epilepsy have shown similar results in other children, adults, and even dogs.


6 thoughts on “5 Common Benefits of CBD

  1. prashant.pradhan says:

    I have started skydiving course recently and i could not clear my level 5. In fact, i started spinning mid air and my confidence went zero after that failed jump. I am anxious and worried inside me. Since skydiving is an extreme sports and challenges a person at the mental and physical level, i need something which can prevent inflammation and nightmares. Although i am not scared but when i climb the plane, my heartbeat raises significantly. I think CBD will help me to heal faster physically and mentally.

    1. Amy says:

      Hi Prashant. Thanks for your comment! That’s super impressive – you deserve a medal just for getting on the plane! It sounds like CBD could definitely help with those nerves for the jump though. It has a great anti-anxiety effect, and will also help with any aches and pains your body experiences from these extreme sports. Good luck!!

  2. Bruce Gardner says:

    For 3 years I’ve had left shoulder pain which over the past 4 months has increased. I play golf and previously it did not affect my game but now does. Also when I pick up heavy objects its painfull. Also at night if I sleep on it, it aches. Apart from breaking my collar bone 50 years ago I’m not aware of any injury to that shoulder. Two months ago I fell into a mechanics work hole for servicing underneath motor cars and sprained both ankles – especially the right one which collapsed folding underneath me as I landed the 2 odd metres down. All the ligaments and achilles tendons were injured and are still very tender. Which of your products do you recommend and in what quantity taken when? Many thanks! Bruce

    1. Amy says:

      Hi Bruce! Thank you for getting in touch. We’re so sorry about your accidents and that you are in such pain. We would recommend our Plus or Everyday drops for this purpose – they will help to relieve any inflammation and pain in these ligaments and tendons. You would start by taking the legal recommended daily dosage of 20mg, which amounts to 8 drops of the Plus and 12 drops of the Everyday and then adjust according to how well you feel your body has responded. Hope this info helps!

  3. Hannetjie Howard says:

    Does african pure cure/heal “the problem” and if you stop using it will the proble re-accure? Eg sprained limb

    1. africanpure says:

      Hi Hannetjie
      For a sprained limb, CBD will quickly get to work easing acute pain and most importantly inflammation which should bring comfort and assistance to the healing process fairly rapidly.
      However, our products will not heal the actual injury. If you have soft tissue, ligament or bone damage please seek advice from your doctor.

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