National Pharmaceutical Product Index (NAPPI) Product Suite

A globally unique national coding system, owned by MediKredit, for all pharmaceutical, surgical and healthcare consumable products in RSA, NAPPI codes enable the provider to claim for products via a unique, scheme-recognised, code.

MediKredit has over the years undertaken to facilitate the adoption of NAPPI (National Pharmaceutical Product Interface) as a national electronic standard on behalf of the South African healthcare industry.

What does this mean for you?

It means that your medical aid might reimburse your africanpure™ purchase. The reimbursement will come out of your medical savings plan.

Please make contact with them and submit the africanpure™ NAPPI code.

Reimbursement of your purchase is dependent on your medical aid provider’s terms. Please note – Some medical health scheme providers require a dispensary number to successfully process a claim. As our website is not a registered dispensary please visit your local pharmacy and ask for africanpure by name.

How does one claim?